Okay guys, this is the place where you can get what you want to see! ;p these photos were taken from standard camera only (: scroll down this page.

That was my childhood wekeke.. I was 5 years old, maybe! I’m not sure about this. My sister and me.

When we were in grade 8. We had a social activity in mangli. –oh I forgot about the name-- Very beautiful village. They were my new classmates. We were UNIOB! Yeh.

Oaaaaa! This is one of my best days! I was in Malaysia. Hiahaha. It was grade 8. Petronas towers were behind me (:

Yeh. When I went to Singapore . i want moreeeeeeeee. Merlion was behind me too. Hihihi (nyesel pose gue ancur bgtd)

Taken in dewata island. Tanjung benoa, I was there. 2010.

The social activity that I had with my junior high school mates. (kita ngumpulin uang dr masyarakat untuk korban merapi.) sungguh mulia bukan? ;D felt very happy when I could help them (:


HOW? am I adult enough?

 ow stop that! this photo was taken in the middle of javanese movie. ye.. it's one of the school assignment. and this scene showed that.... GUE AKTING JADI GELANDANGAN. jadi ceritanya Mommy tiri dan saudara tiri yg jahat gitude.. nah mereka bangkrut and experience the poverty hahaha.


 friends. it was my 17th birthday yeay!

OSIS 12/13. I am the 1st secretary<3 font="">

holiday! @ menganti beach.. how cool. it is better than Kuta!! sure!

 also (un-planned) holiday! @ Yogyakarta

those 3 photos were taken abt 1,5 years ago. yep when I was in grade 10. Now I am 11th grader!!

my new fellas, thats all. I will add if I get something new in my life. Hopely that it’s enough to help you to know me .