Tuesday, August 26, 2014

HI UI 2014!

YEAY!!! ITS JUST MASSIVE ALHAMDULILLAH THAT FINALLY.... IM A PART OF HI UI 2014. this is probably my BIGGEST accomplishment through my entire life. 

yes... everything I did on highschool is paid off. FAIRLY PAID OFF. all of those sacrifices, an extra efforts, and such. dan alhamdulillah diterima lewat jalur yang gue idam-idamin yaitu.. SNMPTN Undangan :)

and one thing, kesempatan untuk bisa menimba ilmu di fakultas ilmu sosial dan ilmu politik terbaik se-Indonesia ini ga akan gue sia-siain. hidup UI dengan Makara Jingga diatasnya!

additional post, here are some links related to this post. Just in case of how basically International Relations sticked on my mind since the very first time. and how I "planned" to love diplomacy world! Re-read on:


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