Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Marks Of A Godly Man

When looking for a husband, this is what you should be looking for. If you are already married, you can't try and change him into this kind of man. Pray hard and let the Lord change him.

1. Priest ~ He is a spiritual leader who is a man of prayer. Whether he is a new or old believer, he should be learning scripture and seeking to know Him.

2. Provider  ~ Man's job is to work, which is a gift from God. Their job is to provide a roof over their family's head,  food, and clothing, not a Range Rover or a monthly card to Nordstrom.

They need to decide what kind of a life they want to provide for their family and work towards that. taken an example, John Mark wanted his wife to be a stay at home wife, even if that meant living in the ghetto eating rice and beans. He didn't want to put his children in daycare. He wanted to own a home and enough money for his children to get braces and play sports.  He told women that their husbands may be poor when they marry them (unless they marry a 40 year old), but just make sure they are willing to work hard.

3. Protector  ~ Women should feel safe around their man. He needs to be a man and do manly things...sports, fishing, etc. They should be doing something that keeps them strong, healthy, and masculine.

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