Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Irreplaceable Sister (:

lately i had a task from ma teacher. she asked us to describe one of our family's members.

How nice occasion it is! In this chance, I’d like to describe my younger sister. Well, her name is Amelia Isnie Bahria and she has Amel for her nickname. She is my only sister. I call her ‘irreplaceable’ because she is very annoying but she is unique for me. And do you know how difficult I am describing word ‘irreplaceable’, it’s unexplainable.

Let me start to describe her! Amel is a very nice girl.. uhmm I think not really ahaha. But yeahs, she is cute. She was born on 23th March 1997. So she is almost 15 years old. Wow… She is in grade eight of Junior High School 1 Magelang. It was my JHS too.

I think, Amel is very different from me but some people say we are mostly similar. She has big body, I mean rather fat. She is tall, even she is taller than me. Ohhh I’m so pathetic guys! She has approximately 158 cm tall. She is so lucky then! She is tall because she likes to swimming. Next, Amel has bright skin and I have to admit that she is brighter than me. Amel has small eyes, her nose is flat hahaha, and small lips. What makes her different is, she has big mole on her forehead. But somehow it makes her cute! Amel is beautiful in every single way she takes (:

My sister sometimes is lazy to study, so my mom even gets angry with her. But do you know, she always gets top five rank in her class. The last semester, it was the first semester on grade eight, she got the third rank. Yaaaahhh.. We proud of you!

She loves mathematics sooooo much. I just can’t believe she loves the most terrible subject for me! Errr… for your information, I dislike math. Because she is rather fat, she hates sport subject. She feels that she can’t do sport well and she is indolent to do that. Hahaha.. an awkward thing, right?

The second subject she hates is music lesson. Do you know why? Because her teacher is really uhm… killer. Her class often gets anger from that teacher and when he is angry, he is very frightening. So, the entire students feel scared to him. Wohohoho it seems like funny then.

Amel has a very excellent motto. Her motto is ‘don’t steady but study’. At last, she wants to work in a bank so much. That’s all about my irreplaceable sister. Now it’s your turn! Share yours, fellas J

Scratched by : Alfi Naufida Ulinnuha X1/01

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

English community? THAT’S WHO WE AREEE :D

Take your time, and read this! How’s life everyone? We hope Allah guides you in every single way you will pass trough.

YEAH HERE WE GO…. E-com. Yep this is a new community for the English lovers. E-com actually is the abbreviation of English Community #theworldshouldknow :D we call it community because the members are limited anyway. Ahuihihi. Mm we have a strong reason, it is because we want to be focused first on our programs. It’s just like build the foundation first, and then we can build the wall. Nah that’s the illustration.

The main goal of this community is to prepare the students to join the English competition, especially debate. Debate is not something easy. Debate begins with arranging word by word on your mind, the words become sentence, the sentences become paragraph. And that’s your public speech. You against the nervous feeling that spreads completely on your soul. Your arguments must be reasonable, acceptable, and deniable. Make it perfectly is really hard, that’s why we need to practice as many as possible. In the process, the students can improve their skills in speaking English.

Actually not only debating, we also have another exciting activities.. such as story telling, speech, and drama. We make it fun, we make it relax, and we make it enjoy. Everything about speaking, that’s who we are :D we usually have routine meeting on Wednesday, 30 minutes after school. E-com is helped by the super teachers. They are Mrs. Nurjanah Marlani, Mr. Rojikun, and Mrs. Endang Rokhimaningsih. Their dedications are extremely irreplaceable. We love you, Mom and Sir!

Oh yeah… not only from the teachers, but we are also helped by the seniors who are expert in debate. Everyone knows Mba Anggita Mega Mentari, then Mba Syifa, and Mba ….. *aduh lupa* and many else. They are absolutely amazing in speaking English, we wanna be like them, even better. Amin :)

Basically, e-com is community under the 10th section of OSIS. So, Gentur Wikan Wijayanto leads us in every single way we take #tsaaah. We dream of 3E. Excellent, Exclusive, and Extraordinary. Hahahaha kidding :p basically, WE STRUGGLE AND WE WIN!!

The last event we joined was Debate Competition in provincial level (September, 2011) and we got the seventh rank. Then, Gesture UGM (October, 2011). it was NATIONAL LEVEL anyway. It was hard but unpredictable we got the seventh rank (again). That’s okay, we are still young and we are trying B)

The members come from grade X and XI. From grade X are Alfi Naufida Ulinnuha, Amalia Ulfah, Ambalinimas Mugareni, Aulia Nataningsih, Fatah Nugroho, and Hasna Okta Asyrofi, Lingga Wijil Bhagaskara. While from grade XI are Gentur Wikan Wijayanto, Hawary Achmadi, Nurul Amanah, Retno , Isna Puji Astuti, and Azza Azzkia.