Sunday, January 29, 2012

(high)school life :)

Well barbies I wanna share a little of my fuckin highschool life :) these moments I’m gonna tell you are all AMAZINGGGG. I’m rocking my highschool life that much!

Me, dita, anisa

Anisa, maritha, me, and dita

Thanks for the cake barbieeeesss :*

Was celebrating my 16th birthday :)

'No matter how much you try and hide from it, the truth always reveals itself!'

happy seventh monthsversary

Ramadhan Dwiki Saputra,

“selamat tanggal 26 yang ke tujuh sayangku :* gak nyangka yaaa cepet banget. Giliran dulu aja, nungguin sebulan rasanya garing bgt :D jangan berubah ya sayang, tetep jadi dwikiku yg sekarang. Semakin hari sayangku gak berkurang, justru semakin bertambah. Semoga kamu juga J makasih yaaa udah buktiin kalo kamu bisa tahan LDR, bisa setia, bisa semakin syang sama aku mihiihi. Sooooo looooong I’m searching for you boy J makasih Allah udah ngasih aku cowok yang supeeeerrr romantis, yang supeeerrrr pengertian, yang superrrr superrr lainnya :D ALFI SAYANG DWIKIIIIIIII. Lancar ya buat tanggal 26 yang selanjutnya dan selanjutnya lagi”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whaaaat :o

night barbies! kayaknya gue uda lamaaa bgt gak posting foto yah, nah ini yg terbaru... dulu kan gue masih SMP, sekarang anak SMA dooonnng #tepuk dada ada yg bilang gue tmbh dewasa, tmbh cntk #inisaranamenghiburdiri mihihiihi :DD the pictures were taken when i celebrated my sixteen ages :)) it was decemberrrrr

Saturday, January 21, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dwiki :)

good mowning sweetheart :) this is your day :*

i wanna be the first who greets you on you special day, i wanna give you a

but with this kind of device is enough hihihi :D

As I write this letter to you, I cannot explain the extent of my joy and happiness. Moreover, why won’t I have such feelings? Today is my boyfriend’s birthday. Therefore, the primary purpose of this letter is to celebrate with you and wish you a very happy birthday.

dwiki, ever since I met you, I have been celebrating all the days of my life thanking God for giving me a very caring and loving boyfriend like you. In this regard, I wish to reassure you of my undying love and affection for you. As you celebrate your birthday today, may the Good Lord give you long life and prosperity. Alfi loves you as always :*)

Yours affectionately,

Alfi Naufida Ulinnuha.

2012's resolutions :) (and random)

yknow how amazing my room was :)

\officially being youth red cross member :D

ahaaaaa 2012's resolutions :D :D amiiin

it seems like my schedule -.-

unforgettable :)

Debaters world :)

Hello monsters! It seems like we are not smiling each other in a long time yeeaaahhh I have soooo much to do, and exactly not :D you know it was my bullshit hueuhehehe. I’m just getting bored with this blog but yes y’know I’ll never leave this. Awkayyyy well it’s too useless talking about my self.

Well lets start! I think I have a new world I have never had. I am a part of debate right now, and guess what I’m madly in love with it. I LOVE DEBATING THAT MUUUUUUUUCHHH, I don’t know how many much :D and what I’m gonna tell is that the experience of being a debater.

At that time, yes I remember it was Friday. I was doing my middle examination.. then a teacher came to me. She said ‘you have to join the english competition’ WHAT? You know it feels like thousand questions are turning on my mind and you have no answer for all those heck questions but yeeeesss something sparks on your heart J

It was the first time I felt the debate atmosphere.. and yknow it was not something easy to be done, you were so awkward to say what you have actually should say.. there are many roles you have obeyed on debating.. and I just had one day to understand all those stuffs!!! On the next day, I had to debate on province level with another two of my seniors, they are eleventh graders.

What I’m gonna tell in this part is that a thrilling experience of being a new debater. It is the first time you speak up in public, where three or four adjudicators are staring at you.. waiting for your amazing speech. But the situation is turning 180 degrees from what you have expected. You have nothing to say, you have no idea of what motion you have got, and you start to push your mind up.. until you find a word. You arrange word by word, then the words become sentence. And you begin to arrange your paragraph.. and you smile when you success doing that, and the paragraph becomes two, three, four, five and that’s your debate text. And when it’s time you know, you just done doing really hard task.. then you begin to arrange your mood, and your excellent performance. You against the nervous feeling that spread completely on your soul.. and you say word by word, make them sure of what you said.. and in the last seven minutes, you end you speech up.. and you smile because you did something amazing for yourself, and your team and for everyone who supports you of course. And they say proudly to you because you can do it, it is unpredictable and that is the spirit to deserve better for the next event.

At last, I’m gonna say big thanks to mrs Nurjanah, who always teaches me from the beginning and also Kak hawary and mba Nurul, who always support and tell me every single step I’m gonna take. You know debate is just like a new spirit comes from my self, and I believe that glory begins from ourself.


Whats up everyone? Hope everything’s going to be okay ameeeen. So guys, hari ini gue mau crita ttg hari jadi gue yang ke 16 hehehe. Sweet sixteen ini bisa dibilang istimewa, karena ultah pertama gue di SMA hihi.

Gue bersyukur Allah masih memberi kesempatan buat gue memperbaiki semuanya jd lebih baik, di umur 16 gue ngrasa udah jadi anak yg lebih dewasa, bisa ngurus dirinya sendiri (amin) gila yaaa gue udah gede hahaha tp badannya ttp kecil –“ ENAM BELAS TAHUN, bntr lagi tujuh belasan u,u baru kmrn juga rasanya kelas 6 sd sekarang 1 SMA, subhanallah :)

Sweet sixteen wishes :

Completing my short term targets (I will post it later on)
Langgeng terus sama dwikikuuuu :D
Get the stuff I want the mostttttttt u.u

That’s a kind of enough, terimakasih teman teman yg sudah member kado saya hihi. Saya suka sekali karena itu pesenan saya :p mmmuuuuuaaaaah !! love yaaa