Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a perfect guy

Someone who ...
▾ texts you first
▾ loves to cuddle
▾ has an adorable laugh
▾ plays drums #why drums?
▾ lets you fall asleep in his lap
▾ kisses you on the forehead
▾ says to his friends 'That's her'
▾ sings specially for you
▾ hugs you from behind
▾ knows you from Facebook
▾ has the same taste of music as you
▾ really cares for you
▾ gives you surprises on you birthday
▾ loves kids
▾ loves to smell your hair while you're in his arm
▾ tells you everything he feels
▾ gives you 'good night' and 'good moring' greetings everyday
▾ lets you cry in his hug
▾ has an amazing smile
▾ calms you down when you're mad
▾ promised to marry you
▾ cries when he made you cry alot
▾ doesn't smoke
▾ never lies to you

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