Wednesday, February 2, 2011

pret HAHA -,-

you know ? i always think of you
you know ? i love you
you know ? i always missed you
you know ? i pray for you
you know ? i always wanted you
you know ? how many drops of tears that i spend, because think of you
you know ? how broken my heart when you said " i still love her "
you know ? how it hurt my heart when you say " i miss her "
you know ? i always pray to God so that you can know about my feelings of this
you know ? i woke up every day the week I hope you'll sends a message

to my mobile phone
you know ? im so glad when you give a message to my phone
you know ? every night i always hoped to see the stars with you even though it feels like a drama
you know ? i always wake up in the middle of the night just wanted to ask the same God that you can accept my love
you know ? i always hope when you send a message on my mobile phone or you reply to me on facebook chat you will say a special sentence, but what? you never uttered a single word that i want it from you
you know ? thats not how many others hope its what i want it from you even though it was not unreasonable and was less likely to become reality

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