Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pengukuhan PMR

Yeyeyyee Im coming back guuuys *gue udah gatau berapa postingan yg always openingnya kaya gt* abaikan!

Kali ini cerita ttg pengukuhan jadi anggota PMR aja yaaaah :D iya jadi gt gue di SMA ikutan PMR yg buat ekskul wajib. Kemarin minggu lalu dan yg lalu lagi… gue nginep d sekolah dalam rangka ini.

Jam setengah 1 siang kegiatannya mulai, udah deh cepet2 ganti baju, makan, sumpah itu kemrungsung bgt. Ga tanggung tanggung pada ganti di depan kamar mandi, gapeduli malu lah apalah, yang penting baju PMR melekat di badan wkwk :d
Abis itu trus upacara, ya allah ini sangat KURANG LAMA DAN KURANG PANAS -___- well selesai wide game, dan ini sangat KURANG JAUH. Medannya ngeri banget uyyy ujan pula, sampe temen gue ada yg kepleset berkali2 ahahah :D
Came back to school, trus api unggun deeeh :)) habis itu suruh remidi SKT, gila ya kolomku masih 7 yg belum keisi. Uda deh muter2 nyari mas mba dewan biar kasih tanda tangannya ke SKT aku. Alhamdulillah dapet smua :DD
Abis itu tdr, tp sayang gue gabisa tidur… padahal capek LUAR BIASA. Tp nyamuknya itu looooh ga nahan bgt >.< daaaaan ini lah yg aku takutkan, jam satuan kita dibangunin, di gebrak gebrak, di kagetin, lah suasanya gak genah bgt lah! Kumpul di lapangan, dan ya evaluasi (acara di marah marahin) abis ituuuuu…. KE KUBURAN!!! YA ALLAH I NEVER IMAGINE THAT BEFORE . kita kan dijalan nglewatin banyak pos pos ya, nah disitu gue suruh minum jamu brotowali atau apa itu yang jelas GAK ENAK BGT DI TENGGOROKAN, dan gue minum setengah gelas. How shit.
Nyampe kuburan, oh my god it was so scary TT matanya ditutup pake slayer dulu, trus waktu dah nyampe dalem br dibuka. Yakin aku deg”an, tp seru siiiih :D :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

finally i found someone ♥

dedicated to my dwiki :) :*

I finally found someone 
That knocks me off my feet 
I finally found the one 
That makes me feel complete 
It started over coffe 
We strated out as friends 
It's funny how from simple things 
The best things begin 

This time is different 
And it's all because of you 
It's better than it's ever been 
'Cause we can talk it though 
My favouite line was 
"Can I call you sometime" 
It's all you had to say 
To take my breath away 

This is it, oh I finally found someone 
Someone to share my life 
I finally found the one 
To be with every night 
'Cause whatever I do 
It's just got to be you 
My life has just begun 
I finally found someone 

Did I keep you waiting? I didn't mind 
I apologise, baby that's fine 
I would wait forever just to know you were mine 

You know I love your hair 
Are you sure it looks right? 
I love what you wear 
Isn't it too tight? 
You're exceptional 
I can't wait for the rest of my life 

This is it, oh I finally found someone 
Someone to share my life 
I finally found the one 
To be with every night 
'Cause whatever I do 
It's just got to be you 
My life has just begun 
I finally found someone 
And whatever I do 
It's just got to be you 
My life has just begun 
I finally found someone

song from brian adams, romantis gilaaaaaaa :) 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bolehkah aku panggil mereka SAHABAT? :)

Halo ceman ceman :) well cerita gue kali ini adalah tentang teman2 gue yang baru :)
Awkaaaay gue gatau apakah ini terlalu cepat apa enggak untuk bilang mereka itu sahabatku..

Tp apapun namanya itu, buat gue gapenting mau statusnya teman biasa atau sahabat yg penting kita nyaman :) jadi guys, I think I found them. Gtw gimana awalnya bisabisanya skrg kemana2 bareng, gokil2an bareng di kelas, ke kantin bareng, ke kamar mandi bareng, aah pokoknya gitu deh :D mereka adalah… jengjeng anisa fatwa, I call her nisa. Then maritha kusuma wardani, I call her maritha. And the last dita syahmala rozda, I call her dita :)

Gue ngrasa nyaman sama mereka, gue gak perlu nutupin gue itu siapa drmana blablabla gue cukup jd diri gue sendiri yang kadang2 *ehm* memalukan dan banyak aibnya wkwk :D tp mereka *jujur*, orangnya asik (bgt). Mereka juga bukan type orang yg jaim gt, gak kadang mereka bikin ilfeel -__- contohnya gini nih, misalnya yaaa hbs mkan apa gt trus kebelet, trus terang2an ngupil, eng… terang2an kalo ngejek wkwk sekalipun itu JLEB JLEB dan itu gak buat kita sakit hati malah ketawa :D (ya tp ngejeknya pake aturan hoy) teruuuuuuuuus… oh iya!! Maritha sama dita itu shopamonsters bgtbgtan :D sama kayak 
gue hahahahah :D

Oh ya, I’ll show you them J

this is dita

This is nisa

And This is her, maritha

Dah yaaa segitu aja, kpn2 gue certain lagi ttg mereka. Tunggu kalo aib kita udah banyak baru d share. Hahahaha baybay muuuaaah :D

Sunday, September 11, 2011

me and my boyfriend - mocca

I’ve got a boyfriend now
He’s my dearest pal
He’ll always catch me when I fall
He’s always there when I call

I’ve got a boyfriend now
He always talks so loud
Even in a crowded house
He always shows what he got

I share my dreams and all my stories
I don’t think I need my diary
If you’re teasing me, don’t you worry?
I will keep you in my memories

When my boyfriend smiles
The world seems all mine
And all the days seems truly fine
Make me reach up for the sky

Me & my boyfriend now
We’re moving so slow
If you really want to know
Come on and join the show!

I share my dreams and all my stories
I don’t think I need my diary
If you’re teasing me, don’t you worry?
I will keep you in my memories

When I’m blue?. feel so lonely
No one sits here right beside me
I’m gonna call you just to hurry
Come and see me
It’s so scary and I need you desperately

I share my dreams and all my stories
I don’t think I need my diary
If you’re teasing me, don’t you worry?
I will keep you in my memories

Thursday, September 8, 2011

damn quick facts!

001. Name: Alfi Naufida Ulinnuha

002. Nickname(s): alfi, opi, ulin -.-

003. Status: in relationship wiff RDS

004. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

005. Male or female: Female

006. Elementary School: Muhammadiyah 1 alternative ES

007. Middle School: JHS 1 Magelang

008. High School: SHS 1 Kebumen

009. Smart: it’s relative, let them judge me

010. Hair color: black reddish.

011. Tall or short: umm? :p

012. Loud or Quiet: depends on my mood

013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans?

014. Phone or Camera: phone, cant live without it

015. Health freak: what the..?

016. Drink or Smoke: neither

017. Do you have a crush on someone: honestly. yeahs.

018. Eat or Drink: both. :9

019. Piercings: no!!!

020. Tattoos: no!!!

021. Foods you dislike: melon!

022. Right or left-handed: right-handed


023. First Piercings: no...

024. First best friend: arruum :)

025. First award: biology Olympiad when ES

026. First crush: my ex-boyF

027. First pet: I hate pet!

028. First big vacation: Singapore, Malaysia, Bali

029. First concert: never had it :p

030. First big birthday: it’s all simple

031. First big fight: wiff my friend, 7 years

032. First sport: badminton

033. First enemy: my tablemate when I was in grade 1 :D

034. First phobia: ambulance!

035. First celebrity idol: titi kamal

036. First clique: ??

037. First bad impression: SMOKER!!


038. Eating: currently? nothing (?)

039. Drinking: currently? nothing (?)

040. Listening to: sway – pussycat dolls :D

041. About to: writing

042. Waiting for: texts from him.

043. Wearing: t-shirt and shorts

044. Worried about: my future

045. Loving: of course God, mommy, sis, friends, and myself :)

046. Missing: my boyF

047. Planning for today: tidy up my blog :P


048. College: university? Australia

049. Silk: smooth

050. Cupid: angel

051. Pickle: nasty

052. Penny: what?

053. Stop: cross sign

054. 777: who cares?

055. Guam: hah? what/who is that?

056. Banana: Yellow

057. Debt: debt collector


058. Want kids: yes, with my husband next next next after this :p

059. Want to get married: everybody wants it :)

060. Careers in mind: lecturer


061. Lips or eyes: both!

062. Hugs or kisses: hugs then kisses

063. Shorter or taller: taller of courseee!

064. Romantic or spontaneous: I prefer romantic

065. Nice stomach or nice arms: I want both, so?

066. Sensitive or loud: loud, and a bit sensitive

067. Hook-up or relationship: relationship

068. Older or younger: older!

069. Richer or poorer: richer! xP

070. Smart or witty: i love both.

071. Trouble maker or hesitant: mmm.. Trouble maker!

072. High maintenance or plain: high maintenance :) ♥

073. Glasses or contacts: I heart normal ♥ ♥ ♥

074. Rigid or moody: oh neither.

075. Lots of friends or no friends: LOTSSSS!!


076. Kissed a stranger: what the hell are you talking about? Am I a BITCH?

077. Lost glasses/contacts: I don’t have both

078. Forgotten a password: yes!

079. Blacked out: I hope always no

080. Broken someone’s heart: YES! woohoo :D

081. Been arrested: love arrested? xD

082. Seen a monster: I am monster xP

083. Ran away from home: yes yes yes :)

084. Felt like dying: umm..

085. Killed an animal: ants and mosquitoes

086. Cheated: honestly yes

087. Cried when someone died: YES.. *depend*



089. Yourself: yes

090. Miracles: hesitate

091. Love at first sight: maybe

092. Heaven: yes

093. Santa Claus: NOOO!!

094. Fairies: no of courseee

095. Kiss on the first date: I prove it :)

096. Angels: mmm... not sure.


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: I got it :)

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: yess :)

099. Is Superman really better than Batman: I don’t think this stupid question xP

100. Re-post?: WHAT DO YOU THINK? :D